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The Motivating Factor Driving Rishi Joshi

December 22, 2017
If you were to look closely at Rishi Joshi’s background, it is clear his area of expertise is information technology. That is because he has worked primarily in the area of technology and computers for many decades and he also has studied in supercomputers. However his particular specialty in cybersecurity. He has developed a superior level of skill in many areas of cybersecurity, especially as it applies to application software development and infrastructure technologies.

That said, Rishi Joshi also is well-versed in how security relates to the internet, e-learning, and gaming technologies, too. in fact, Rishi Joshi feels that his work in the cybersecurity field is quite safe, in a very real way. That is because all new technologies going forward will face a potential for hacking. That simple fact makes cybersecurity an essential field. Take the "Internet of Things" that is happening right now; that burgeoning area is sure to create great new opportunities for cybersecurity innovators, which is how he thinks of himself.